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It also makes the more rapid pace possible dark

Also, Circle is a good way to introduce wear and tear Dark And Darker Gold, or else there'd be nothing (any AI you receive in a battle while already having loot won't take your life on its own)

It also makes the more rapid pace possible (something I really enjoy particularly when i must complete a lot of things to work on and then only get around to playing a bit)

If they continue to keep the circle then remove the consuming the circle. There is no reason to not be competent to tank it when you're wearing heals. This isn't a BR, the collapsing circle only creates fights and with more players pushing for the same session (now 18) there's less access for everyone.

The circle allows for quicker running, which makes the game more exciting. It's true that sometimes you're consumed by dark when you're the only player standing. This is because a portal is distant or you're unaware that it exists. I've experienced a few times where i was consumed by darkness with bags of loot. And sure, i got angry for a while, but "play again" was clicked and now i'm going to get back to work.

If you've not seen me on other threads, I absolutely hate BR games. I've had a kind of fun time in this one, circle as well. It seems like it's creating an additional layer of elements that make the situation more dangerous. although it sometimes creates situations where you are sucked into... this keeps you moving regardless of taking on that trio when you're in a solo. Get strategically. maybe you lose. maybe someone else joins up and you gain. Maybe you win over them and also win. I've been through a lot of deaths due to trios, duos, and solos. I laugh, even sometimes (though I don't know if it is successful) click my chat button and let them know what i have to say about my dead body I'm sure they'll accept the information cheap Dark And Darker Gold, but What? man, you got me.

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