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FIFA 23 will be the final edition of the game

Like it is often the case with any game that is new to the market players are always trying to find the best strategies and techniques to learn the game as quickly as possible FIFA 23 coins.

A corner goal seems to be an extremely difficult ability to master, however one player has managed to find a way to perform it. Here's how to scoring directly from a corner of FIFA 23. The aiming system of the previous game has disappeared and is replaced with showing a line which tracks the speed of the ball through just the beginning of the yard.

Left stick used to guide the ball, whilst the right stick is designed for hight. In order to score from the corner, it's advised to use the corner as an in-swinger, using the correct mix of speed and precision. Make sure to have an expert set piece player on the corner.One Reddit user Reddit has offered their suggestions on how to master scoring from a corner, they told us: "Ideally 3.5 bars power as an in-swinger. Make sure you aim inside the six-yard box."

Another participant added: "The aim is surprisingly constant, so if you find a good angle/power that works for you this is an excellent weapon to tackle out-of-position keepers."It feels like the corner taking method is more attainable on FIFA 23 than on previous versions, and this may cause a lot of players to try to snare their opponents by using their set pieces.

FIFA 23 will be the final edition of the game to be released under the FIFA name. However, from the next year, EA will be releasing its games under a different name cheap FUT 23 coins, EA SPORTS FC. EA has announced in a release: "After nearly 30 years of creating world-class soccer experiences that interact We are about to begin an exciting new era.

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