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The general idea of this is that those fut 23

The general idea of this is that those who are transferred during the summer time can be picked as Ones to Watch FIFA 23 coins, meaning they receive a specific card designed and then released through packs, Squad-Building Challenges , and/or Objectives. Then if they secure an in-form (Team of the Week) card for their new club, The Ones to Watch is automatically upgraded to reflect their increased numbers.

This is what is known in FUT the jargon of a "dynamic card' as it can change according to things outside of the game. But because the majority OTW players did not have an optimally-formed (adapting to the new rules of a club is difficult unless you're Erling),

in the past year EA last year, EA changed the way OTW cards function, adding the 'Wins to Watch' feature. As this is a (weird) World Cup year, FIFA 23's Ones to Watch cards could also be upgraded to an 'Nations To Watch' upgrade.

These gamers are from Serie A are the highest rated players in the league, so fans should keep an eye on these players when choosing teams.

Serie A is the highest level of football in Italy. The league has a total of twenty teams, each with their own objectives, which they aim to achieve by the end season. Recently the standard of the league has decreased cheap FUT 23 coins, but that hasn't stopped hopeful players from joining teams.

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