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The FIFA you play in the month of October

The FIFA you play in the month of October isn't the same as the one you play by the next month, due to will be the level of post-launch tweaking that happens by EA as players learn about their strengths as well as weaknesses FIFA 23 coins. In the moment, there's real fluidity to the way FIFA 23 is played, with fluider and more precise passing, and well-timed usage of the sprint feature giving you more time and space than in last year's often slightly congested matches.

The team is better at searching for spaces to give you passing options. This rewards patience in attack, but you have to keep a good pace to penetrate a well-organized defense. It feels like players respond better to movements of the left stick by itself, which gives you more control over both sides of the ball. Additionally, you are able to play longer, sweeping passes more confidently.

The most prominent addition to your attacking arsenal, however, is the latest power shot, which does exactly what it claims on the packaging. Hold down the shoulder buttons simultaneously when you shoot, and the person with the ball will unleash an explosive shot that looks like it's going to knock someone's head off.

When one-on-one with the 'keeper these undoubtedly increase your chance to score, but the aim switches to fully manual when you're aiming and it is easy to pull them out for a throw-in in case you get it wrong buy FUT 23 coins.

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