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What do bags manufacturers have for custom bags?

What are the requirements for luggage manufacturers for custom bags? This requirement needs to be understood in advance for customers who have custom trolley travel bag wholesale needs, so that they can be prepared in advance and also find suitable manufacturers.
1. Bag custom category requirements
The luggage factory is the collective name of the luggage manufacturer. Since the production equipment of the box and the backpack is completely different, the luggage manufacturer can be divided into the box manufacturer in the bag manufacturer. Generally speaking, the manufacturer of the box does not produce the backpack. Bag manufacturers do not produce boxes, but there are some large-scale luggage manufacturers, because of the wide range of business, luggage will be produced, so when customizing the bags, it is necessary to find the corresponding manufacturers mainly according to their own custom.

2. MOQ requirements
The process of customizing bags and bags is more complicated. The series of processes such as pre-communication, proofing, materials, production, and shipping will not change due to the number of customizations. Therefore, in order to save costs and expenses, many manufacturers have a minimum order for bags. Related regulations.

There are not many requirements for luggage customization in the packing cubes wholesale factory. The customer is subject to the logarithmic time, but for some requirements, the customer customization is also understood, so that the two parties will cooperate smoothly, the luggage selection, the grace luggage depends on .

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