PL CALL Conference: CALL for background


Date et heure Mai 30 '19
Fin de l'évènement Mai 31 '19
Pedagogical University, Cracovie - Pologne
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PL CALL Conference: CALL for background

The theme of the conference is CALL FOR BACKGROUND and the philosophy behind it is that when using computers in education, ideas other than ICT itself should be foregrounded. While we realise this is an obvious obviosity, we also think it cannot be emphasised enough.

This is why we invite papers showing how technology, backgrounded but still important, can enhance the following instructional approaches, methods and techniques:

  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), including the integration of coding into the language class
  • Project-Based Language Learning (PBLL)
  • Individual differences in language learning
  • Language learning for special purposes and needs (LSP, LSN)
  • Civic education, digital citizenship and 21-st century skills in the language class
  • Internationalisation of education, including language teacher and translator training
  • Outdoor education and situated learning
  • Arts and crafts in language learning
  • Broadly-understood innovation in the language, teacher training and translation class

More information on the conference website:

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