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There are various activities in New World, one of the more interesting activities is fishing in the game. And some rare fish species will be able to help players achieve some achievements or complete some quests. When fishing, not only the rod will have a great influence on which kind of fish you catch, but also the fishing perks.

There will be many common fishing perks at certain specific times during the day and night. Those high-quality fishing rods will bring other benefits, such as New World Gold improved durability and throw distance, and give you the opportunity to catch larger, higher-quality fish. And these fishing perks will be very important for players who focus on catching rare fish in New World.

Daytime Colossus: It will give you a greater chance of catching bigger fish during the day.

Freshwater Colossus: Will give you a greater chance of catching larger fish in freshwater.

Freshwater Brawn: Will increase the strength of your fishing line when fishing in freshwater.

Lucky Day: Gives you a greater chance of catching rare fish during the day.

Lucky Night: Let you have a greater chance of catching rare fish at night.

Moons Reach: Will increase your casting range at night.

Nighttime Colossus: It will give you a greater chance of catching bigger fish at night.

Saltwater Colossus: Will give you a greater chance of catching larger fish in salt water.

Saltwaters Brawn: Will increase the strength of your fishing line when fishing in salt water.

Sturdy: Depending on the quality of the rod, the durability of New World Coins the fishing line will be increased by 10%, 20%, and 50%.

Suns Reach: Will increase your casting distance during the day.

When you master these fishing privileges, it will help you catch larger and rare fish. However, you first need to spend New World Coins to buy a high-quality fishing pole. If you are short of New World Coins, you can buy them at NewWorldCoins, and they will provide you with sufficient New World Coins throughout the day.

Although both The Day Before and New World are MMOs, New World players will buy New World Coins for a better gaming experience, but the difference between the two games is enough to prevent any competition between them. The Day Before is an MMO, this is a dystopian world. An explosion turned most of the population into violent, zombie-like monsters, only eager for raw meat. In order to survive, players must look for resources and supplies, while looking for infected and hostile survivors. Success in the world of The Day Before requires quick reflexes, some excellent weapons, and a little luck.

Although it seems natural to compare The Day Before with games such as The Division and The Last of Us, the game has also been compared with Amazon’s MMO New World. Although there are some similarities between the two MMOs, there is no need to worry that The Day Before may cut into the New World player base because there are enough differences to ensure that the game remains unique.

Although they are both MMOs, the tone of The Day Before and New World is completely different. The background of New World is set in the 17th century. Players can explore Aeternum Island, occupy new lands and defend against enemies. Although it is based on real-world colonialism cases, the game does not lean towards realism, but completely contains fantasy elements. Aeternum Island is a world where monsters run rampant and can encounter supernatural forces. Therefore, besides conventional New World Gold, players can also use magic and buy New World Gold to get powerful equipment. Since the focus of New World is to discover new land, it covered most of the map with unspoiled grasslands and majestic mountain views that humans have not conquered.

In contrast, The Day Before is a tougher game with a modern background. There is an urban environment where players can explore and search for resources. Most settings are familiar to players because they include huge shopping malls, corner shops and skyscrapers. When the player travels to the countryside, the narrow dirt roads and farmhouses can easily remind the player that the world is shaped by humans. The game does not use fantasy elements, but aims at realism.

Although both games are MMOs, they are unlikely to need to share a player base. New World caters to players who are interested in the fantasy realm and the pleasure of conquering new lands. In contrast, it aimed The Day Before at players looking for horror games and let them play rough in a post-apocalyptic world. Players interested in New World can Buy New World Coins.


MMORPG Lost Ark will be launched in the West this fall during the Summer Game Fest.

The Lost Ark official website announced that in order to make full use of the game, the game supports "dynamic quarter-view angle", allowing players to experience "immersive, action-centric playing style". Lost Ark will be released in collaboration with Amazon, and is scheduled to be launched this fall. Although the specific release date has not been announced, we may learn more in the months between September and December.

Perhaps you have not heard of Lost Ark. In the game, Kazeros has opened the Chaos Gate of his six legions in order to invade the world. Players need to defend the world under the attack of the Kazeros demon army. Exploring the world is the player’s task in the game, and in order to defeat Kazeros and his demon army, you need to look for the legendary Ark fragment.

Lost Ark was developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate. It was originally released in South Korea in 2018, and one year after its release, it won various awards in various categories in the Korean Game Awards, including the Grand Prize/President's Award. And then the game entered Russia and Japan in a public beta, and it is now expected to enter Western countries this fall.
You may only play Lost Ark on a PC, and it may take a long time to wait for it to appear on a game console. If you are interested in this game, you will know an exciting news that Lost Ark is free when it is launched in the West.

Lost Ark will be launched in the West in a few months, and those interested in it will now be eager to try it. From the Lost Ark that has been launched, we can know that in order to have a better experience in the game, it is very important to accumulate a large amount of Lost Ark Gold. Many players have started to prepare Lost Ark Gold in advance from professional websites. If you want to catch up with them, you can visit They are the most professional website for selling Lost Ark Gold online.

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New World still seems to be affected by large-scale reports, and players can ban opponents from the game with relative ease. New World can be said to be the most successful attempt by Amazon Game Studios in the gaming industry. Long before its release, New World aroused some interest from MMORPG fans and attracted quite a few players into its original fantasy world inspired by the age of exploration. And many players have New World Coins Buy to have a better performance in the game.

Unfortunately, things have not been easy since then. The number of game players has decreased because the perception of Amazon games has deteriorated, and Amazon is trying to kick robot accounts, players criticize the amount of grinding that is sometimes required, and so on. New World is still dealing with mass reporting issues. When it suddenly appears, mass reporting will severely distort New World’s PvP.

When players discovered they could use New World’s automatic review to ban others, the system had been exploited. Amazon Game Studio is doing its best to fix New World, but when there is too many content to adjust, it is difficult for the studio to cover everything quickly. New World’s mass reporting problem should be a warning for other multiplayer New World Gold, because moderation is an exquisite art, so automated systems need to be carefully managed.

Part of the reason New World’s mass reporting is so dangerous is that it is so easy to do. If more than a dozen New World players gather to report another player, New World’s system is likely to kick the reported player out immediately without reviewing their violations. This is also extremely unfair to some players who have already bought New World Coins. Considering the importance of PvP and factions to New World, this makes mass reporting powerful. Having the leader of the rival Company banned for a fictitious crime can give New World players an immense advantage when trying to conquer the company’s territory.
New World is a successful MMO of Amazon. It has attracted many players to join the game and New World Coins Buy. Valve once again gave some insights on Steam’s highest-paid games last year. The sixth annual bestseller list divides the top 100 games into several categories, and the titles in each category are arranged randomly. The 12 games in the Platinum category received the most cash.

There are a few free games at the top because Steam has already considered microtransactions and paid extensions. The Platinum tier is dominated by old models, including Apex Legends, PUBG: Battlegrounds, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Dead by Daylight, Destiny 2, Rainbow Six Siege, Dota 2 and Grand Theft Auto V. This is the sixth consecutive year that Dota 2, CS: GO and Grand Theft Auto V have been among the top games. PUBG: Battlegrounds and Rainbow Six Siege are also shortlisted for the fifth time. Since Destiny 2 landed on Steam in 2019, it has occupied a place in the Platinum tier every year.

Battle royale title Naraka: Bladepoint and Battlefield 2042 are one of the four versions that entered the top 12 this year. Valheim is a survival sandbox game made by only five people. It is also one of the biggest money-makers. The same is true for New World. Players are not only keen on buying New World Coins but also spend a lot of time in the game. This shows that after New World Gold of trial and error, Amazon has finally made a popular game.

Many of these games, including New World, Battlefield 2042, Mass Effect: Legendary Edition and Sea of Thieves have been discounted in the Steam Winter Sale. Cyberpunk 2077, it also included Valheim and Back 4 Blood in the sale and will last until January 5.
With the continuous development of New World, the choice of weapons in the game is also constantly changing. In the game, each player's character can carry any two weapons at once. Therefore, there has been a lot of disputes among players as to which two weapons is the best combination.

In the game, how to make the character Attribute become stronger after scaling is the most critical factor for the player to choose the weapon combination. After many experiments, here New World Coins are two very useful weapon combinations: Life Staff, Hatchet and Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet.

If you want to become a full-time therapist without losing melee damage, then the combination of Life Staff and the convenient axe will bring you such benefits. But you need to use your Strength or Dexterity as your secondary ability score. If you want to make your build more capable of Dexterity, then replacing the axe with a rapier would be a very good choice.

If you want a better dodge rating, then you need to use a smaller weapon like an axe, which can also help you stand up faster when you are fighting or trying to dodge an enemy. This skill is very useful for therapists, because they not only need to Cheap New World Coins put more points in the Constitution in order to get more healing, but also need to avoid being attacked in battle.

Fire Staff and Ice Gauntlet are purely magical constructions. Although there is no class choice in New World, players can see the combination of ice and fire in Rangers, Shamans and other elemental powers and long-range DPS hybrids. First use the Fire Staff to lead the damage, and then use the Ice Gauntlet for CC.

Therefore, this purely magical construction, Intelligence is an important Attribute on which these powers and abilities depend. This can help you get extra health and improve Constitution score more easily on the premise of lack of armor.

New World has been loved by many players since its release. If players want to use this weapon combination in the game, they need to use a large number of New World Coins to upgrade them, so as to maximize their capabilities. And NewWorldCoins is selling a large amount of New World Coins at low prices. If you want to get more New World Coins in a short period of time, buying directly there is a very good choice.
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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek is probably one of the biggest fans of Amazon Game Studio’s New World. Since its launch, the Twitch anchor has spent a lot of time on MMO, and it has also affected his fans to buy New World Gold and invest in the game. He recently proved that he is very willing to defend the game for those who criticize it.

In a recent stream, an audience member told Shroud that the game felt bad and asked him why he continued to play it. Shroud soon supported New World and said that the game is improving. Then he started talking about Amazon’s plans for MMO. He said that New World is developing on a positive side. He believes that the next update in January will have dungeon mutations, and players will mutate dungeons, similar to the mythic plus content in WoW. So players can prepare enough New World Gold.

The streamer quickly pointed out that he hoped that New World’s mutated dungeons could bring rich returns to players, otherwise he would be angry. Currently, fans only need to wait to see if the update meets the streamer’s expectations! Although Shroud is looking forward to the feature inspired by WoW, he seems to have lost a lot of interest in Blizzard’s MMO. Last month, Shroud had some alternative words to describe the gameplay of World of Warcraft, showing that he continued to play the game only because of people.

Because of similar complaints, many fans of this genre have recently gradually moved away from World of Warcraft, so Final Fantasy XIV attracts many people. Shroud is not fond of Square Enix games, and recently compared its quality with free games. Considering how he feels about both, it makes sense for New World to capture his game successfully! But if he wants to achieve outstanding performance in the game, he still needs to New World Coins Buy as support.


On November 4th, Lost Ark began to enter the inside. If you are playing Lost Ark for the first time, there are many classes and their sub-classes in the game that may give players a lot of headaches. So in order to solve this problem, I will introduce the classes in the game. Today, we will introduce Gunslinger and Artillerist.

The Gunslinger and Deadeye classes are male and female versions of the same class. You can choose from three weapons: pistol, shotgun and rifle, and this is also the most important point of this class. Although Gunslingers is squishy, ​​he has good mobility and some support mechanisms and can cause a lot of sustained damage. And his identity mechanism allows you to switch back and forth between these three weapons at any time.

In general, Gunslinger is the best class in the game that can cause continuous damage and has high mobility. Since the collision box of the game is very small, Gunslinger has a very high skill limit.

Gunslinger is always one of the first choices for PvP in Lost Ark, because he can cause absolute output damage in the arena. So the power of those talented Gunslinger cannot be ignored.

The Artillerist can provide a very balanced all-round kit, he can cause a lot of damage to a single target and can clear the wave of PvE. Although you can cause a lot of damage, but because you need to carry this huge launcher, your mobility is very low or even non-existent. This class can be said to be completely static, so he can become a fixed fort with his own unique skills.

In general, Gunslinger can cause very good bursts and combined damage in the game. Although it appears heavy and slow, you can still use other methods to make up for its shortcomings, because of its unique identity ability, which can make you completely still. .

But in PVP, because Gunslinger can cause huge damage, he is very easy to be targeted by the enemy team.

I have to say that these two classes have their own advantages, but their shortcomings are also very obvious. So you need to use some Lost Ark Gold to buy some items to make up for these shortcomings to a certain extent. In there is enough Lost Ark Gold for sale, and whenever you need it, you can go there for help.

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The New World’s Winter Convergence Festival has begun, bringing a healthy celebration to Aeternum Island, as well as the expected insidious colors. This limited time event will last from December 16, 2021, to January 11, 2022. There are different dates and times to be aware of. Playing the game during this period will bring players some impressive and stylish rewards, from flashy costumes to beautifully decorated weapons. Besides the items available for looting, there are many new missions and opportunities for players to deepen their knowledge of New World. Players can also buy New World Gold to give themselves a chance to get more rewards.

What excites players the most during the festive season is the piles of New World Gold. Fortunately, New World has already covered this and provided a 10-day special giveaway to provide everyone with winter goodies. The first few days have passed, but there is still time to prepare a fashionable Festive Hood and a Wreath Housing Item to decorate the players’ pads.

If players miss the free stuff, please don’t panic, because most other holiday shops will be open until January 10. These limited edition items will help them stand out from the crowd, with gorgeous feather costumes and selected holiday weapon skins to help them kill in a stylish way. The currency of Winter Convergence Festival is Winter Token. These can only be got through winter activities.

Please note that event reputation will determine which items players can and cannot buy in the store, so it is worth establishing it as soon as possible. If they complete the mission and defeat the evil side of Winter Wanderer, they will earn themselves some sweet event reputation, although it is not enough to complete the story. They also need to deal with lost current rewards, collect daily rewards from The Tree Of Light, and harvest Gleamite. Once players have established enough reputation, they can complete the final task and buy more holiday items in the store. Either way, there is no harm in buying Cheap New World Coins for players. Now they can use the code “XMAS” to get 7% off at IGGM, come together!


Winter-themed events brought the winter spirit and Christmas decorations to the MMO. Amazon Games announced the start of the New World Winter Convergence festival to coincide with the holiday that will last until mid-January. So players can prepare enough Cheap New World Coins during this period to allow themselves to perform well in the event and get more rewards.

Winter has come to New World, marked by snowfall and Northern Lights, but it also brings new dangers and challenges. Although gifts are exchanged within the settlement to commemorate the year’s past, outside the safe New World Gold, there is a cold war between the positive forces of winter supported by the positive side of Winter Wanderer and the negative forces of winter. Amazon’s description shows that, to make matters worse, Winter Warrior and his Frigid Folk are causing chaos throughout the land and trying to spread the terrible “Forever Winter”.

The Winter Convergence event brought new items, a new gift-giving emotion, winter tokens got from special events that can trade special Winter Convergence items, and new villages dedicated to the distribution of new tasks. So if players want to get exclusive rewards easily, they can buy New World Coins.

New World is still in its early stages, and it is experiencing growing pains. Amazon is very popular and recently allowed players to transfer between servers. Some players are banning players from winning PvP wars. if Amazon wants New World to be popular with players, it will have time to solve many problems that continue to arise. The Winter Convergence event will end on January 11, 2022. Players can buy some Amazon New World Coins on IGGM, and now they can use the code “XMAS” to get a 7% discount. (2021.12.23-2021.12.31). It is very cost-effective, come!

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