The use of obd gps tracker is now more extensive, and more people use it. At the same time, there are many misunderstandings about obd gps tracker on the market. More and more people believe this kind of misunderstanding, so that they feel that the obd gps tracker they bought is not the same as what they imagined. This kind of misunderstanding that has been formed for a long time, today I will discuss with you one or two.

One: GPS can be positioned anytime, anywhere?

The obd gps tracker does not have signals everywhere, and there are many influencing factors that interfere with the locator to complete satellite signal reception when the signal is insufficient. Predictable such as trees on the street, invisible such as electromagnetic waves, etc., these are the normal signal searches that affect the obd gps tracker.

Even so, there are solutions. For details, please refer to the previous article "Why do GPS positioning and LBS positioning appear at the same time?" ". But even then, there will always be places where neither signal is present. So it is not accurate to say that obd gps tracker can locate anytime, anywhere.

Two: The obd gps tracker signal map shows the signal quality of the device?

When people buy obd gps tracker offline, more and more merchants will explain the signal quality of the device to you based on the number of device information displayed on the computer platform or APP. Indeed, according to this method can be used as a basis for identification, but it is not absolute. What's more, there are still many merchants who will make this signal value look more contagious according to some modified software. Therefore, when purchasing, you should not believe this statement too much, and you must have your own judgment and choose from other aspects.

Three: More and more obd gps trackers that can locate indoors?

As mentioned above, there are many factors that affect the locator signal, and one of them is the skyscrapers that are common in our daily life. Indoors, also in the building. Since such buildings are covered with concrete and metal, the signal cannot pass through. Except the window can receive the signal. Most of the signals that you can see indoors are actually from LBS base stations or Wi-Fi positioning. These three positioning methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, and according to the current technology, it is temporarily impossible to change their original characteristics.

Four: Is there an obd gps tracker without a card?

This is also the biggest rumor. The said card-free locator does not mean that no card is inserted, but the manufacturer has built the card into the device according to the needs. Without the card, the device has no signal, and the signal transmission cannot be completed. And if such a card-free locator fails, the subsequent maintenance is also very troublesome, which greatly affects the experience for users.

Finally, I suggest that you should not only consider a single factor when deciding to buy an obd gps tracker, but remember to prepare your homework in advance. It is best to choose a big brand, and professional sales staff will tell you the suitable model before purchasing, and then the service guarantee will be more comprehensive.

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For most electronic products, the working temperature is too high or too low, which will interfere with the daily use of the device. Just like the tablet computer that everyone loves, it is easy to fail to charge when the weather is cold. Electronic products such as magnetic gps locator that basically operate outdoors and must read satellite signals to complete their daily work are also subject to interference from the external environment.

1. The temperature range accepted by the positioner

The working temperature of the positioning device has been mentioned in some articles before, which is generally around -20-70 °C.

Judging from this type of data, many people may feel that it does not matter, and there will be no such extreme temperatures in daily temperatures. It's not actually the case, these temperature categories simply mean that the magnetic gps locator can keep running, but not necessarily at optimal efficiency. In the winter in the north, even -20 degrees is normal, not to mention some special environments, the temperature will only be lower. Plus, in summer, there's no guarantee that every car will be parked in a shaded garage every time. If it is outdoors, then in a closed area like the inside of the car, the temperature is definitely higher than the outside. Not to mention those parked directly under the sun.

2. The optimal temperature for the positioner to operate

In fact, the optimum working temperature for the magnetic gps locator to have the best working efficiency is about 15-35 °C. If the above two weather conditions are encountered, the locator is still installed outside the car, and this type of locator is directly exposed to the car. The external environment is more easily disturbed by the environment.

3. What happens when the temperature is out of range?

Generally speaking, if the operating temperature of the magnetic gps locator exceeds the acceptable range, it will automatically shut down and stop running to protect the parts of the device. There will be no automatic damage to the equipment. For example, people often ask, will the sun exposure locator explode in summer? The explosion of the magnetic gps locator is mostly due to the problem of the wiring. The wiring is not connected correctly, causing the parts of the device to change and conflict. In addition, it is exposed to the high temperature of the sun, which will cause the explosion. If you make sure that your magnetic gps locator is installed correctly, it is difficult to have an explosion in the car. This is the case in low temperature environments.

In general, extreme weather conditions will cause corresponding interference to the daily operation of the magnetic gps locator, not only the temperature, but also the weather. But in weather like this, most of you won't go out. Usually, it is enough to pay attention to the installation environment and method of the magnetic gps locator.

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