1. Product stability. Consider choosing 4g cat gps tracking with strong anti-electromagnetic interference and stable functions. When the vehicle is fluctuated, the temperature is high, there is electromagnetic interference, and the environment inside the vehicle is relatively poor, it will affect the operation of the GPS.

2. Select operators carefully. It is necessary to consider choosing an operator with a strong and sustainable network, so as to avoid the network coverage area is too small or the company cannot get reliable follow-up services due to bankruptcy.

3. Distinguish module level. GPS modules are divided into two grades, civil grade and industrial grade. Industrial-grade modules have stable functions and are relatively expensive; civilian-grade modules are less adaptable to the environment, but relatively cheap. Customers need to consider the price/performance ratio.

4. Safe energy delivery. The energy consumption of GPS is relatively large, and a special power supply for GPS should be set up to avoid the failure of circuit burnout due to unstable frequency of general power supply in poor environment. The car connecting line has a large amount of current, and the general connecting line is easy to burn. The quality of the connecting line must be good to ensure reliability and safety.

5. The aesthetics of the product. 4g cat gps tracking is generally a concealed installation, but high-end products usually come with a car phone (handle). When purchasing, consider whether the handle is fashionable, whether it is beautiful in shape, and whether it is in harmony with the front bezel and interior color.

4g cat gps tracking