What are the precautions for the environmental conditions when using purchase welding fume collector.

1. Pay attention to the ambient temperature in order to correctly determine the material of construction. Acidic or alkaline gas requires anti-corrosion treatment on the purchase welding fume collector air duct. In humid air environment, the purchase welding fume collector needs to be strengthened with anti-rust treatment or made of anti-rust materials. If there are high-temperature particles in the dust-laden air, add a fire-proof pre-filtering device before the purchase welding fume collector, such as a fire-proof filter box, a water spray cooling system, or a metal blocking filter.

2. For the purchase welding fume collector installed outdoors, the influence of climate and wind direction on it should be considered. It is better to install a canopy above the purchase welding fume collector; the air outlet should avoid facing the residential area, office area or human and animal activity area. If the outlet air needs to be discharged at a high altitude, a chimney should be installed.

3. For the purchase welding fume collector installed indoors, its weight, size and support should be considered. Where there is a potential for explosion, consider installing sprinklers. It is also necessary to consider the noise of the fan during operation, which should generally be lower than 75dB. If it is higher than this data, a muffler should be installed to reduce noise.

purchase welding fume collector

Many times we will encounter various problems when selecting models. We are worried that if we do not select the model well, it will directly affect the effect of the later equipment. For example, when selecting the type of dust extractor filter cartridges, we should mainly pay attention to those points. Tell the manufacturer which information can always choose the right one? Below, the editor will briefly introduce the selection of dust extractor filter cartridges:

1. First of all, it is necessary to know what the working environment of the high-pressure fan is, whether there are corrosive substances, and whether the temperature is a high temperature environment! Then you can determine the material used for the high-pressure fan; if there are corrosive substances, you can choose an anti-corrosion high-pressure fan! If the temperature of the environment is too high, the motor of ordinary dust extractor filter cartridges cannot bear it, but it can also be equipped with a high temperature and high pressure fan, which can withstand a temperature of up to 200 degrees!

2. The second is how many cubic meters of the location of the dust collection, and the size and weight of the particles of what material is the main dust collected! These are all parameters that can be calculated by the manufacturer!

Because there are many types of dust extractor filter cartridges, mobile vacuum cleaners can be easily vacuumed in different locations; dust extractor filter cartridges rely on the high suction power of high-pressure fans, and are equipped with an isolation device filter system, which connects the fan to the air through pipes. The grinding machine working platform is connected, and the dust or debris is adsorbed by strong suction, and then processed through the bag dust filter system in the isolation device, the dust will be collected into the filter dust collector, and the other air outlet will be Exhale fresh and odor-free air! This is very convenient and does not take up space, and the effect of dust collection is better!

dust extractor filter cartridges

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