2-amino-5-nitrothiazole physical and chemical properties, HTBA for short, is an important chemical. The physical and chemical properties of 2-amino-5-nitrothiazole, as a widely used raw material of diagnostic reagents, are essential components of many diagnostic reagents and are of great significance for the prevention and diagnosis of diseases.

physical and chemical properties of 2-amino-5-nitrothiazole is a white to yellow powder with a melting point of 211-215℃. It is sensitive and stable, and is often used as a chromogenic substance in diagnostic reagents. It can significantly enhance the stability and accuracy of the detection reagent.

physical and chemical properties of 2-amino-5-nitrothiazole physical and chemical properties.

Aspartate aminotransferase is mainly distributed in myocardium, followed by liver, skeletal muscle, kidney and other tissues. Under normal circumstances, the content of AST in serum is very low, and when related tissues and organs are damaged, the concentration of AST in serum will change correspondingly. Detection of aspartate aminotransferase is helpful to understand the extent of myocardial, liver and kidney tissue damage, and can assist in the diagnosis of acute and chronic severe hepatitis, cirrhosis, myocarditis and other diseases.

physical and chemical properties of 2-amino-5-nitrothiazole are also used in the preparation of serum adenosine deaminase detection reagents. The basic principle is as follows: ADA catalyzes the deamination of substrate adenosine to produce hypoxanthine nucleoside, which then generates hypoxanthine through the action of PNP (purine nucleoside phosphorylase). Hypoxanthine produces uric acid and hydrogen peroxide under the action of xanthine oxidase. In the presence of peroxidase, hydrogen peroxide can react with the physical and chemical properties of 2-amino-5-nitrothiazole and 4-amino-aminotipyrline to produce colored waking compounds, and the formation rate of colored waking compounds is related to the activity of ADA. The activity of adenosine deaminase was determined by measuring the rate of absorbance rise at 550nm wavelength, i.e., the rate of formation of colored compounds.

ADA in serum mainly comes from the liver, which is a sensitive indicator reflecting liver injury, and can be used as one of the routine liver function examination items. ADA activity measurement is mainly used for the diagnosis and differential diagnosis of hepatobiliary diseases, as well as auxiliary diagnosis of diseases such as tuberculous meningitis.

physical and chemical properties of 2-amino-5-nitrothiazole are also used in uric acid tests, which can help in the diagnosis of diseases such as kidney damage and gout.

2-amino-5-nitrothiazole physical and chemical properties

The operating mechanism of a dust extraction arm supplier is that dust particles are filtered after the dust-containing gas is filtered through the filtering data. The coarse dust collected by the filtering data mainly depends on the effect of inertia bumping, while the fine dust collected mainly depends on the effect of dispersion and screening. The dust layer of filter material also has filtering effect. With the accumulation of dust on the surface of the filter material, the power and resistance of the dust extraction arm supplier will increase accordingly. When the pressure difference between the two sides of the filter material is very large, some fine dust particles attached to the filter material will be kneaded to reduce the power of the dust extraction arm supplier.

How does a dust extraction arm supplier deal with hot and humid gases? Below, give you a detailed introduction:

1. The dust removal function of the dust collector producing paste bag fails, the resistance is too large, and the operation condition is good. To prevent the dust extraction arm supplier from forming dew paste bags, it is necessary to keep the body temperature 25~35℃ above its dew point.

2. When the dust collector is used to deal with high temperature and high humidity gas, a temperature detection and alarm device shall be installed at the entrance for monitoring, and rock wool and other insulation materials shall be installed outside the shell for insulation.

3. The dust collector should be strictly sealed and the air leakage rate should be less than 3%. Welding quality is important during equipment installation. All welding shall be carried out in accordance with the corresponding codes and standards. After welding, kerosene and phosphor shall be used for leakage inspection, and the air leakage shall be re-welded.

4. When a dust extraction arm supplier deals with high temperature and humidity gas, if the gas temperature is lower than the dew point during operation, the water vapor will condense and make the filter bag damp. A large amount of dust will adhere to the surface of the filter bag and block the pores of the filter bag.

V. The dust extraction arm supplier usually works under negative pressure. If the equipment leaks, it will inhale a large amount of external air and rain, which will cause the filter bag to be damp and harden and increase the operation resistance.

Six, before the dust removal system stops running, it is necessary to discharge all the wet gas in the dust collector and replace it with dry air to prevent condensation. That is to say, after the production equipment stops running, the dust removal fan should be extended for a period of time before stopping.

The dust extraction arm supplier's compressed air device includes gas tank, air compressor station, pneumatic triplet of pipeline, etc. For the dust extraction arm supplier, there is also air separator, spray pipe, etc. The dust extraction arm supplier's dust removal power source comes from compressed air. The compressed air equipment usually uses oil-free compressors or ordinary compressors for refueling and dehydrating. However, in order to determine the quality of the compressed air, the design of the compressed air station should be as close to the dust collector as possible to avoid condensation in the pipeline. In addition, compressed air station is used as far as possible to determine the stability of compressed air pressure for large pulse precipitator.

If it is not possible to design the air compressor station or the air compressor station is not near the dust collector, the compressed air tank should be set near the dust collector equipment, so that the pressure of the compressed air source can be stable. On the other hand, the condensed water generated on the compressed air pipeline can also be discharged regularly through the valve at the bottom of the compressed air tank, so as to determine the quality of the ash source of the pulse dust collector.

dust extraction arm supplier is suitable for all kinds of vertical dust generation points, flexible and convenient, local dust collection, local treatment, can achieve air cleanliness. The basic structure is composed of dust removal box, centrifugal fan, filter bag (filter cylinder), dust collector and microcomputer controller, etc. The dust is sucked into the dust collector box by the negative pressure of the fan through the suction pipe, and the coarse dust is initially filtered by the filter and directly drops to the dust collector by gravity. The fine dust is captured by the filter on the outer surface. The clean gas flows into the clean room after filtration, decomposition and purification through the filter element, and is discharged from the outlet by the fan.

dust extraction arm supplier

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