The day has arrived and Hu Tao is live in Genshin Imapct (depending on what time you’re reading this). The funeral parlor director is our newest five star, and another hugely anticipated Genshin Impact hero, a pyro polearm user whose main role is DPS, combining elements of Xiao and Childe’s kits.

Skill of Hu Tao
For the uninitiated, Hu Tao is a 5-Star Pyro-type hero (the element that in free to play corresponds to fire) and is armed with a spear just like Xiao.

Here are all the active skills of the character:

    Secret Spear of Wangshengt: this is the normal attack of the character, which consists of a combo of six hits with the spear if you repeatedly press the button dedicated to the use of the weapon. While holding the button down, the charged attack causes Hu Tao to project forward, damaging enemies and consuming some stamina
    Guide to Afterlife (Elemental Skill): this technique consumes part of Hu Tao's health and allows her to enable the Paramita Papilio State, which is an altered status that transforms all normal attacks into elemental attacks and increases the ATK parameter based on the HP of the character upon activation of the ability (this bonus cannot exceed 400% of Hu Tao's basic attack). The charged attack during Paramita Papilio State triggers the Blood Blossom Effect, whereby enemies hit take Fire damage every 4 seconds
    Spirit Soother (Elemental Burst): Hu Tao's special move allows her to summon a spirit that deals Pyro-type area damage and partially restores health. If Hu Tao's life is below 50%, the healing effect is increased

These are the passive skills of Hu Tao instead:

    Flutter By: When Paramita Papilio State's effect ends, all party characters (except Hu Tao) gain 12% CRIT Rate increase for 8 seconds
    Sanguine Rouge: While Hu Tao's HP is below 50%, Fire Damage increases by 33%
    The More the Merrier: Cooking with Hu Tao gives you an 18% chance of receiving a special dish

Recommended weapons for Hu Tao
Hu Tao's damage elemental skill and elemental burst are heavily DPS oriented in Genshin Impact. To get the best out of her damage dealing capabilities, it's recommended to focus on CRIT stats and HP.

The 5-star polearm Staff of Homa, considered Hu tao's signature weapon, provides 66.2% CRIT DMG at level 90. Hu Tao's talents provide her attack and healing buff while having less than 50%, 33%, and 25%HP.

In such a scenario, the Staff of Homa's passive can compensate for those lower HP with its bonus HP% passives. It can also provide Hu Tao additional 50% attack buff when her HP falls below 50%.

Some other alternatives of Staff of Homa are the 4-star polearm, Deathmatch, and the 5-star Primordial Jade Winged-Spear. These two spears provide an additional CRIT rate to the wielder via their secondary stats in Genshin Impact.

When is she coming? Keqing’s banner expires next Tuesday, so that would be my best guess, as there are rarely gaps between banners. So you have a few more days to start saving, and it’s not yet clear whether her banner would run for two weeks like Xiao’s and Keqing’s or three weeks like most of the older ones.

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