In the process of replaying the vehicle trajectory, sometimes we will find that the driving route of the vehicle becomes a straight line. It greatly affects the track management and mileage statistics of the vehicle, and also greatly reduces the experience of using the 4g lte gps tracker.

First of all, it is necessary to determine whether the 4g lte gps tracker has been like this since it was installed, or whether it is normal to use it in the early stage, and suddenly the driving route of the vehicle becomes a straight line at a certain time in the later stage.

If it is the first case, this type must be checked from the installation, especially when the 4g lte gps tracker is in the metal shell or the top of the device is metal, the 4g lte gps tracker will be out of position. The principle It is metal materials that will reflect GPS positioning signals and communication signals.

If it is the second case, you need to check the indicator light of the device. If the indicator light also shows abnormal status, you need to replace the external GPS antenna. If the GPS antenna has been replaced and the problem still exists, you need to check the 4g lte gps The host of the tracker. This work is more complicated, it is best to report the problem to the supplier of 4g lte gps tracker in time, and their technical staff will assist in handling it.

Finally, in the second case, in the actual application scenario, there may still be situations where the GPS signal is unstable. When there are jammers and interference devices near the 4g lte gps tracker, the driving route of the vehicle will also become a straight line. This shows that There may be military-controlled areas, examination rooms, and special workplaces nearby.

4g lte gps tracker

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