One of the most iconic raids in World of Warcraft's expansive history, the Black Temple was first released about 15 years ago, and now it's coming to The Burning Crusade Classic. However, if you want to enter the fortress of Illidan Stormrage, you first need to complete a long attunement chain to enter the Black Temple. So how does your journey go after you complete the quest in Shadowmoon Valley?

In Shadowmoon Valley's final quest, we need to find the Prophet, from him we can get the location of the last medallion fragment. Then we need to head to Arcatraz, which is right in front of the room where the final boss is. However, when you arrive to WOW TBC Gold find Seer Udalo dead, he is of little use to you in your search for the final medallion fragment. However, the word "ata'mal" is inscribed on the ground next to his body. It's also the only clue you bring to Akama.

After you pass your message to Akama, he will drop you off at the Ata’mal Terrace in Shadowmoon Valley. There you need to fight three elite thugs and a warlock named Shadowlord Deathwail. This process is very difficult, and to win you need to form a team. After clearing the patio, you need to bring the Heart of Fury dropped to Akama.

When Akama receives the Heart of Fury, you will be Buy WOW TBC Classic Gold sent to Shattrath City and talk to the Naaru A'dal in the center of the city there to start the final part of the attunement chain.

When playing the attunement of Arcatraz, players need to improve the strength of the character as much as possible, because the battle here is very difficult, and it is difficult to pass the battle here if the strength is insufficient. And in MMOWTS, there will be a lot of cheap TBC Classic Gold, and these TBC Classic Gold will be able to quickly improve the character's combat power, if you don't want to spend a lot of time in the game just focusing on accumulating TBC Classic Gold, then you can go there and try it .

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