When you collect cards in Lost Ark, you can build your own Card Books and Card Decks, and while they have similar names, the two decks do different things.

Card Books: Players can earn permanent, passive rewards and slightly increase stats.

Card Decks: Items that can be equipped, allowing players to gain powerful set bonuses.

Therefore, Card Books can be used as a collectible hunt, and Card Decks can be used as another way to equip characters. In Lost Ark you can complete 27 Card Decks and 173 Card Books. Decks increase your character's attack and defense, while Card Books increase your character's stats. And the content awarded by each Card Book and Deck can be found on the Lost Ark Codex website.

If used, some Card Sets can provide a character with strong offensive and defensive abilities. While the 27 Card Sets have their own stat bonuses, some Card Sets are more useful than others. Among the most recommended Card Sets are Forest of Giants and We'll Meet Again.

The best part of being in Forest of Giants is the three-piece bonus, which increases the effectiveness of restored items by 15%. So making potions and other restorative items more effective, and making the Cursed Doll Engravings' drawbacks and other restoration-reducing effects lessened. If you pair it with another three-piece set, you will be able to have a powerful defensive deck.

The effect of We'll Meet Again is that you gain strong damage resistance while your health is below 50%. The star of the show is the last set bonus, which restores your HP when you take damage and drop below 20% HP. This is very useful in PvP and tough PvE battles, and when paired with Forest of Giants, can greatly increase your character's survivability.

Therefore, cards are also very useful items in the game. To obtain them, you need to continuously complete in-game quests. But before starting quests you need to improve your character's strength, otherwise it will be difficult to complete them. is selling Lost Ark Gold, these Lost Ark Gold will be able to quickly help players improve the ability of the character. So if you can go there and try.

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