Although the state of New World after the release is still okay, in fact the game is not ready for release. Many of these are massive and permanent prohibitions against cheaters and exploiters. And the developers re-communicate future plans to make players feel very happy.

However, there are various patches in New World that are causing secret changes to its core mechanics. For example, players need to farm endgame equipment to increase their Watermark and Gear Score. In addition, changes have taken place in the crafting system, because it now takes longer to complete the same thing, more gold coins and New World Gold more materials, making it more difficult for players to reach the upper limit of crafting skill levels. And these things together have a negative impact on the community, especially in all the nerf of New World, there are still many known problems.

In the latest patch of New World, the method of obtaining Motes has changed because it requires more nerfs. Because, Amazon promises to deal with the Watermark system in a future patch, so that this matter will develop in a good direction, and in order to determine the player's equipment level will introduce Expertise value. The December patch is now being used in the public testing area, which will include an exciting holiday New World Coins event. For now, New World is a good game for novices and players who have played the game for a while, where they can have their favorite equipment and build and upgrade skills.

For the moment, New World is a very popular game, which can bring players a different combat experience. In this game, New World Coins is a very important thing that can help players get the items they need and upgrades of various characters and equipment. And NewWorldCoins is the largest supplier of New World Coins on the Internet, and the price is affordable, if you need it, you can go there!

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