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New World’s January Developer Update brings new content to players. The developers are responding to some bugs in order to bring a better gaming experience to players. Some time ago, the developers brought the New World January developer update. This time it’s mostly focused on bugs and about what’s coming in February. Because while many players buy New World Coins to make it easier for themselves, they will not get a better experience because of bugs in the game. At the moment, this seems to be a promise of bug fixes in the game.

Amazon Games mentions that there will be another PTR in February, giving those who want to test out any balance features or potential bugs the opportunity to do so. The developers detailed the Mutators that are coming to the game. While New World mutators are nothing new, they explain how it will affect gameplay and what players can expect from it. So players can prepare enough New World Gold to help them improve quickly.

Finally, there are rumors that new Arenas are coming to the game. For now, Arenas is one of the ways players can take part in acquiring Gypsum sources. However, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that killing Spriggan and Siren Queen is rather tedious. Also, more arenas, especially with Expeditions getting new features, would also make sense.

However, this detail is unknown. Players will probably learn more about this in March, especially when they’ll likely get more news about the almost complete Blunderbuss from the last New World dev update in December. There is another world of server transfer tokens on the horizon, allowing people to switch between server merges easily. If players want more information, please follow and Buy New World Coins there to have more fun in the game!

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The New World January Developer Update is back, and the developers are once again in front of the camera. It turns out that the community really likes these development posts, so Amazon Games will continue to work on this feature and give people an enormous metric about what’s in the game. Because there are still various bugs and imbalances in the game, they are working hard to improve it.

In the most recent New World January 2022 developer update, Amazon Games talked about what’s coming in February, which seems like a promise of bug fixes for now. Although some bugs in the game may not give players a very good gaming experience, they can also New World Coins Buy to enhance their gaming experience.

There are a lot of bugs left in the game. There are still odd gold dupe and character creation issues. Amazon Games wants to make sure the game is more stable than ever so that the game will remain stable in the coming months. While bug fixes are the focus for next month, there will still be changes to weapon balance.

Weapons like the Void Gauntlet make healers great, IG and VG users dominate the PvP environment, and the amount of CC in the kit is incredible. Dex users are enjoying multiple immune windows, dashes and weapon skills. While they didn’t say what weapon balance changes they’ll be making in February, it’s likely to affect those areas. So players can Buy New World Coins at IGGM to get some powerful weapons to better explore the game.

Players in all regions currently cannot create new characters, and the New World team has provided no information on why this is happening, but promised they would get more information when they could share. That it is present in all regions of the globe suggests something more important. The community has been speculating why this is happening, and some believe it could be a step in the fight against exploitation, especially for bot attacks, which isn’t a bad guess.

The New World team’s reward system for new accounts equalizes rewards, and while players can buy Cheap New World Coins on the site, more New Worlds and items are rewarded later in the main questline. They then disabled server transfers for the new role, stopping the free transfer tokens they offered to help those who were initially under pressure from server demand and later severely imbalanced servers. They also limit the number of roles an account can create per day.

Many players worry about the number of bots they see and report in-game, and that has been the case for a while. While the team has worked hard to fix various bugs and close exploitable ones and lead to gold dupe exploits affecting other aspects of the game, docking issues and RMT spam are still present to some extent. Recently, the team temporarily disabled server transfers without providing a reason for the initial announcement.

They are enabled again after a few days. They then disabled player-to-player trading for a potential gold dupe bug, which is actually a unique problem entirely. With no word on the decision that led to the team’s decision to disable character creation, nor any sign of how long it will last, all anyone can do is guess and wait for an official announcement from the New World team. But for those players who are still new to New World, they can Buy New World Coins at IGGM to make themselves even better.


The latest update to New World fixes several issues and removes quests with missing rewards. In Update 12.2, New World developer Amazon Game Studios has fixed an issue causing permanent illness and slow application to player vs player. So players can also prepare enough New World Coins to make themselves smoother in the game.

It fixed an issue that allowed the player to New World Coins Buy to cancel the recovery period for shooting a bow. A similar issue is having the player swipe to cancel the animation for Void Blade heavy attacks. A major change in the New World update removes some quests. The developers disabled a series of ongoing quests that were missing certain aspects, most notably the rewards.

These tasks are temporarily disabled, they will be re-enabled later. Players who complete missions in their current state can keep the experience and New World Gold earned, but progress will be reset so they can complete missions again for the rewards when they re-enable. Players can also buy New World Gold to upgrade themselves for more loot and rewards. Affected missions are Edge of the World, Call Beyond the Void, Stirs the Awakened, The Cursed Blade, and Sensou no Ko.

Other bugfixes were fixed where “Guardian of the Light” could spawn the wrong mob. Fixed an issue that caused The Surgeon, Pit Lord Daehi, Baines, and Mordici The Mortician to not drop battle trophy materials. This patch also enables players to gain over three levels of Aptitude when crafting a large number of items at once. These will enhance the gaming experience for players, and if they want to have more fun, it is a great option to Buy New World Coins at

Like many MMO-themed events, New World’s Winter Convergence puts a fair amount of pressure on players looking to unlock the best items. Although many players will be able to buy New World Coins to get some useful items in the game. But in this case, the items are likely to attribute foods, not actual gear.

A Reddit user named AngeloMonharti shared a video showing their newly renovated in-game home, filled with exclusive Winter Convergence furniture. It was especially remarkable to see the house filled with icy furniture and five adorable bunnies sitting at the table. This also makes players want to get more items to decorate their houses. In the usual game, they need to prepare enough New World Coins to get some decorations. In special events, players may need to spend a certain amount of thought to get what they want.

The walls are white because AngeloMonharti uses dining tables and sideways them to cover the walls, and players willing to replicate this style will mostly need to farm a lot of tokens to buy all the decorations. Considering the Winter Convergence event was originally scheduled to end on January 11, but was extended to January 25 because of its growing popularity, this is something New World players can still do.

Because this is an MMO with so many unique features, it’s often difficult for newbies to figure out what to do first in New World, especially in a limited-time event like this. However, Angelo Monharti shared their method of earning a lot of tokens by grabbing floating presents on routes other than Monarch’s Bluffs. But players need ranged weapons to hit gifts, meaning other players can get a room like AngeloMonharti with some effort. So they better Buy New World Coins at to get better weapons.

Winter Convergence is a special event launched by New World. It brings players new items, new gift emotes, Winter Tokens earned from special events that can be exchanged for special Winter Convergence items, and new villages designed to distribute new quests. So many players will buy New World Gold to perform well at the event. A New World fan shows off a collection of Winter Convergence furniture in their newly renovated house and shares some tips for getting everything.

Amazon Game Studios’ New World has gone through several phases since its release, with the first few weeks being the pinnacle of the experience for many players, and the following weeks being the game’s flop. The rise and fall of New World has always been a bizarre phenomenon, and the game’s major problem is a lack of communication for bugs and the general direction of the MMO.

Still, the December patch and the Winter Convergence event have once again brought many New World players online to enjoy all the new things in Aeternum. Because the event was so popular, it originally ended on January 11th, but it has now been extended to January 25th. So players who love this event can buy New World Coins to take advantage of the extra time to get everything they want.

There are still issues with the game, such as recent rumors about Amazon wanting to increase the Gear Score cap without actually introducing new core activities and loot to incentivize. New World players have come up with some valid solutions, and Amazon seems willing to listen to future developments. New World players have asked Gleamite meteors to stay after the Winter Convergence event, albeit in a new form, perhaps making the minerals they produce Starmetal instead. But they need to prepare enough New World Gold to help them develop quickly.


New World has once again disabled player-to-player trading because of a suspected gold dupe bug. Players need to buy New World Coins formally. The Amazon team took this precaution today in order to investigate the issue and fix it as needed. This is because player server transfers have just been turned back on and the team had to release a fix for a mission that was incorrectly released yesterday.

While it’s unclear what caused the new gold dupe bug, this temporary disabling of transactions is nothing new to the New World community. Amazon tries to apply the fix as quickly as possible, but unfortunately sometimes players have had to wait to re-enable the feature. This is because player server transfers were disabled last week and have only recently been re-enabled.

This question happened after a downtime and patch some time ago, but it’s not clear if they are related. The 1.2.2 update was performed to address a widely reported out-of-sync issue and to remove a bunch of tasks that were incomplete and incorrectly enabled in the December build. These quests are incomplete because they are an ongoing build, so they lack rewards and other things. Amazon will allow XP and New World Gold earnings to hold if any player can access and complete these quests, but all progress will reset when it goes live so that everyone can complete these quests for the correct rewards.

As for the player trade issue, it’s a familiar path. While it’s a pain for those the feature affects whose gaming time being turned off, the problem-solving time usually gets better. Still, there is no estimated timeframe when they expect the problem to be under control, nor are there any plans to take action to correct any negative affects. Of course, players can also buy New World Gold on IGGM.


Amazon Studios plans to improve the end-game of its MMO game New World. In an article they explain that “expedition mutators” can make for more fun and interesting adventures for players who have already experienced a lot of content in the game. Players can also buy New World Coins for more fun.

The developers say Mutators alter the familiar environment by adding ‘Normal’ and ‘Named’ enemies to the expedition, changing the way encounters are approached and the strategy players should consider before combat. They can also prepare enough New World Gold to increase their strength. The system rotates through unique combinations of Expeditions and Mutations each week, each with 10 difficulty levels. Players can reach maximum difficulty by climbing ladder challenges.

Expedition mutators have not been deployed yet, but if players want to take part, they can join the PTR (Public Beta Realm) with a second character. Besides this, there is more information about the upcoming launch later this month, as well as new features, including umbral shards. It is a mysterious and powerful resource that players can use to raise items with a Gear Score of 600 to a Gear Score of 625. As well as tweaks to combat fast travel costs and a 50% increase in the cost of summoning the beast. They can also buy New World Coins to make themselves even stronger.

Overall Steam user reviews for MMO New World fell from mostly positive to mixed. Feedback seems to be mostly criticism of the game’s “grind” and its litany of bugs and issues. A few months ago, Amazon even said it would take “remediation steps” for New World players who “egregiously exploited” the nasty New World Gold that replicated the bug.

Amazon Game Studios announced on the New World forum that the Winter Convergence event will last longer than expected. The Winter Convergence event is taking place at New World, and while it was originally planned to end on January 11, it has now been extended.

In a post on the forum, Amazon said that because they saw an amazing turnout from the event, they extended the event until January 25th! Please note that all unopened gifts and unused event tokens will disappear at the end of the event. They can also prepare enough New World Gold to make themselves more fun. Additionally, players can get all Winter Convergence giveaway items from January 21st to January 25th.

Players will need to grab any items they may have missed during this time. Because they may never see them again! The event includes several quests and items exclusive to Winter Convergence, so New World players will want to use the extra time to make sure they get everything they can from the event or Buy New World Coins to get some items.

Amazon recently released experimental features to the New World public test realm. These features include Expedition Mutators that will improve endgame content. The mutators transform familiar enemies by adding ‘normal’ and ‘named’ enemies found in expeditions. In effect, they change how encounters are played and what players need to do to win, and there are better rewards for using them. New custom gear and resources can be found, and they can also buy New World Gold to better boost their power levels.
Amazon brings expedition mutators to players to improve the endgame experience. It not only brings players more hard battles but also provides players with more rewards. So players can Buy New World Coins to enable them to get these rewards. In order to adapt to mutator changes, it has adjusted the expedition to make it more consistent with other endgame activities. The drop rates of named enemies have been “significantly increased”, it has added T5 equipment to the Dynasty Shipyard’s loot table, and the number of enemies players faced when sealing Ancient Azoth Portals in the Ostium during the Lazarus Instrumentality expedition has been reduced.

Since its launch last year, New World has been struggling with many bugs and exploits, but endgame content has also been an issue. Game director Scot Lane stated in an interview that they must better promote players to take part in all their endgame activities. Now, players are driven to a small part of their endgame mechanics, which naturally makes them want more.

PTR also provides a new resource called Umbral Shards, which allows players to upgrade items with a Gear Score of 600 to 625. Amazon said that if players want to dive into the more difficult Muted Expeditions or gain a competitive advantage in PvP, this Vital. The Expertise cap has also increased to 625. PTR also increased the cost of summoning Brutes, made some combat-related adjustments, and reduced the cost of fast travel. But players can still prepare enough New World Gold to allow themselves to complete various activities successfully.

All New World players are eligible to join the PTR, but they need to download and install a separate PTR client to do so and create a new character. The real character is not compatible with the test field. If they want to get better performance in the game, then they may need some support from RPG New World Coins. Hurry to IGGM and get everything you want there!
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