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Now many schools will use childrens table chairs, tall students will feel tired when they are in a very low position after class time, the posture of the students is not good, and the posture will be affected, which will lead to curvature of the spine, deformation, hunchback, and affect the growth and development of children; Inappropriate matching of children's table chairs has become a major factor in the increase in the incidence of myopia, as it can easily lead to a lack of pupillary distance.

The design choice of childrens table chairs is for the healthy development of students, and schools should provide childrens table chairs suitable for students' height. Each classroom should have 1-3 different childrens table chairs, or be equipped with adjustable childrens table chairs. Specifications Individual children table chairs overall specification: lift height is 1450 px - 1900 px long 1500 px wide 1500 px, children table chairs overall specification class: lift height is 900 px - 1125 px long 925 px wide, 925 px veneer :childrens table chairs (optional injected edge panel), single desk table top: 1000px * 1500px length * width thickness 37.5px Material: high quality laminate or injected edge panel, single seat childrens table chairs: 900 px*950 px length*width thickness 25 px Material: high quality plywood or plastic sealed panel, single office chair backrest: 950 px*375 px length* width thickness 25 px Material: high quality plywood or plastic Seal the panel.

From the use of childrens table chairs value, precious woods composed of childrens table chairs are more meaningful to the collection than to use. In contrast, utilitarian and compressed materials, such as common wood, plastic, metal, etc., are practical and relatively inexpensive, showing excellent value in real technology. Especially under the influence of the development of science and technology, the high-quality treatment of the accessories of childrens table chairs makes a good match between the precision of the structure and the beauty of a subject. This is a hardware educational facility.

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