Flying is one of the most revolutionary features introduced in the Burning Earth Expedition expansion.

For players, it is quite valuable to be able to give up hard-earned ground mounts and choose a mount that can take you to the sky. Because these mounts are not only faster, they can generally ignore some obstacles that ground mounts cannot, which can help you reach your destination faster.


As such a welcome feature in the demon-laden expansion, it's bound to have a more important role in Wot's upcoming WotLK Classic, where speed will be even more important as the map will be covered in a lot of frost.

That's why we've created a guide that makes it easier to do this
How to fly in cold weather in WOW WotLK Classic
When you are above the permafrost of Northrend, you have to explore this extensive area. Whether it's Grizzly Hills during a fan-favorite upgrade adventure, or Icecrown Glacier ruled by the Lich King, these take a lot of travel time.
You can do this with a ground mount at first, but when you reach level 77, that all changes with cold weather flying.
If you want to learn how to fly in cold weather then you have reached the required level and know expert riding, if you are a druid you must be in flying form which costs 1000coins.These items are often available for purchase, all you need to do is get a lot of golds. If you are bothered by golds, then I recommend you to check out MMOWTS, because the golds here have the lowest price in the whole network, and here you can find that it is a simple thing to get a lot of WOW WOTLK Gold quickly.

Here are the trainers who can help you with your studies:
Roxi Ramrocket at Storm Peak K3.
Vic in the heart of the Solaza Basin
The Dalaran Krasus landing site is Sheila Snowdahn. Hira will also provide the book of flying in cold weather, allowing your alt to learn cold weather flying at level 68, which can save a lot of time and money.
Reduce the price through reputation
Because 1000 is quite a price for cold weather flying, we have a centralized approach to reduce the price with the remainder.

It is worth mentioning that both Alliance and Horde players can enjoy a variety of credit-based discounts

For the Alliance, reputation gained in the Dreadnought Crusade can reward costs, while the Horde reduces costs by gaining reputation through Warsong Offensives.
Alliance players can purchase aircraft through Maigra Keenfeather in Valiance Keep in Howling Fjord, while Horde players can purchase them through Wind Rider Sabamba in Warsong Hold in Borean Tundra. If you gain reputation with TBC Classic, high reputation with certain NPCs can also further reduce the cost of purchases. Alliance players have Hagen Bronzewing in Honor Hold, while Horde players have Jahubo the Winged Knight in Thrallmar, both in Hellfire Peninsula.
These are all to improve their combat effectiveness, but they all need to spend a lot of gold, so how to quickly get golds and become stronger? I have a suggestion for this - as an old third-party trading website, MMOWTS has a lot of cheap and trustworthy golds, by buying these golds you can easily get a lot of high-quality powerful equipment, there is no doubt that this is your The best way to improve your own strength.

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