On 08/04/2022 14:37 Author Karsten Scholz explains why Blizzard rewards badges in WotLK Classic missions. Is it appropriate to earn Hero Badges through Northrend quests in WotLK Classic? If you are eager to become a strong player in World of Warcraft, then I strongly recommend you to come and have a look at MMOWTS, because the WOW WOTLK Gold here has the lowest discount in the whole network, come and have a look Well, here are your unexpected surprises.


Update on August 4, 2022 at 2:44 pm:
Game producer Aggrend took to the official WOW forums to explain why he was awarded the Heroism badge for completing certain Northrend missions.

The purpose of this is to encourage players to actually experience the storyline of the Northrend region phase, so in order to encourage players, additional rewards need to be provided.
And some players have reported that some encouraged daily tasks will also provide heroism badges, obviously this is not what everyone wants, so the designer will check all relevant content and make appropriate adjustments.

Original report on Aug 14, 2022 at 11:30am:
In WOW WotLK, some features tested in WOW (Buy Now): The First Burning Crusade, carried over by Blizzard developers, this also includes badges. You can buy some epic items from some merchants with this badge. However, these badges are called badges only in Northrend. But WotLK Classic Beta's newly implemented innovations in the popular new version will make badges more accessible than ever before.
Where can I get badges?
The Heroism Badge can be earned during the first content stage of the Heroic WotLK Dungeon and Northrend 10-player raids. More valuable badges of honor can be obtained from the 25-player version of Naxxramas, the Obsidian Temple, and the Eye of Eternity. In addition to the level, the strength of oneself also depends on the equipment, and high-quality equipment usually requires a large amount of gold, so how to quickly obtain a large amount of gold? I have a suggestion for this - MMOWTS, as an old third-party trading website, has always been committed to providing a good platform for the majority of players, there are a lot of cheap and trust

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