Like WOW Classic and TBC Classic, Tanks, Mages and Melee all need to reach a certain value limit in WOW WotLK Classic to allow them to do their jobs better. So we'll tell you about hits, weapons and some skills you might need in WtoLK Classic.
Once the pre-release phase of WOW WotLK Classic begins, there will be a ton of changes to the classic server. And this will affect the data of some characters, such as melee hit rate and spell hit rate become hit rate. Both healing power and spell damage become spell power, which means that if the spell power is high, both healing and damage will be high.If you want to quickly improve your strength, there is no doubt that high-quality items are indispensable, so has become your best choice. In addition to excellent items, there are also extremely low prices. If you come to MMOWTS to see Take a look, I believe you will gain something.

Also important: when you level up from level 70 to level 80 in Northrend, the value counter you need to increase by 1% also changes. For example, if a 28 crit chance at level 34 might increase your crit chance by 4%, then a 28 crit chance at level 70 would only increase your crit chance by 1.27%, and only 0.61 crit chance at level 80 Rate hit chance. However, if you get a flat 2% crit chance from somewhere, such as through a talent or buff, then whether you're level 34, 70, or level 80, the bonus is fixed at 2% more crit chance.


Important: If you go from level 70 to level 80 in Northrend, your value counter will also change. For example, if you're level 34 and have a 28 crit chance, you might get a 4% crit chance, but if you're level 70 and have a 28% crit chance, you only get 1.27% crit chance Crit chance, when you are level 80, you only have a 0.61 crit chance to hit. However, if you can get a flat 2% crit chance from somewhere, like a talent or a buff, then whether you're level 34, level 70, or level 80, your bonus will be fixed at more than 2% critical strike chance.Therefore, talent or equipment is the best way for you to become stronger. MMOWTS has many good and cheap WOW WOTLK Gold, which are not only cheap but also extremely safe.

Conversion of WotLK Classic values
The transitions in the "Battle Rating System" are of course most relevant to the final phase of WotLK Classic. In other words: what got you an 80 value rating? Here is the answer:

32.79 melee hit rate = 1% increase in hit rate
32.79 Haste Rating = 1% Haste
26.23 spell hit rate = 1% increase in spell hit rate
45.91 crit chance = 1% increased crit chance
13.99 Armor Penetration Rating = 1% Armor Penetration
4.92 Defense Rating = 1 Defense
1 defense = 0.04% reduced critical strike chance and 0.04% increased block/evasion/parry/miss chance
45.25 evasion rating = 1% evasion chance
45.25 Block Rating = 1% Block Chance
16.39 Block Score = 1% Block Chance
7.69 Feat Level = 1 Feat = 0.25% for every chance your opponent has to dodge or parry your fist
30.76 Proficiency Rating = 4 Proficiency = Opponent's chance to dodge or parry is reduced by 1% per 1%
82 Resilience Rating = 1% Resilience = 1% Crit Chance Reduction / 2.2% Crit Damage Reduction / 1% Player Damage Reduction / 2.2% Mana Drain Reduction

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