Monsters can be found everywhere in Diablo games, but every action can only be accomplished when you encounter epic boss battles. Before you end your journey in each area, you need to face a great demon to help you cleanse the evil areas. And in Act 1, you face the evil from the Demon Queen, Andariel. But how do you prepare for her fears?

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Personally, Andariel is better at attacking with poison and moving fast. And her lunges are deadly to any melee character facing her. Also, her poison attacks are both long-range and short-range, so even if you're at a very long distance it's not necessarily safe.

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The best way to deal with Andariel is to stock up on health potions and keep a distance from her. Although she can also perform ranged attacks, it is safer than approaching her at close range. If you're using the melee class, you should keep your ranger mercenaries alive so they can shoot at her and get her Diablo 2 Resurrected Items attention as you run around. Also, it's a good idea to clear out her minions first, which frees up more space for you to dodge Andariel's attacks. Using as much poison-resistant gear as possible is also a way to help you fight her, which will help ease the pain of her blows.

Also, it should be noted that if you die in a boss battle, as long as you do not quit the game, the minions and health of the boss demon will not be reset.

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