In New World, if players want to have a better gaming experience, they need to understand New World’s core attributes besides buying New World Coins. It’s a fundamental aspect of gameplay, and for some players who want to learn the game, they need to understand how they work.

Every RPG game has a system for organizing talents, weapon proficiency, and party roles for each character. Some games use classes, skill trees, and training to make these distinctions. And New World, an MMORPG, uses the Core Attributes system instead of classes or training. These determine weapon proficiency in the first place, but also relate to a character’s ability to use magic or what kind of armor they should wear. Players can prepare enough New World Gold to gain these powerful weapons.

There are five Core Attributes in New World, fewer than other RPG games, but rather than feeling limited by the lack of other games’ abilities, think of it to help simplify the process even more. These are Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Focus, and Constitution. Every time a character levels up, they’re prompted to add a little more to the Core Attribute of their choice. The shortcut to the character creation screen is the “K” key, but players can also access the Core Attributes screen by pressing ESC and selecting the character option.

The next window has five tabs. The first is the character’s Bio section, where players can flex their RP muscles and write some backstory. The second tab is where the Core Attributes points are organized. The next three tabs are for weapon talent trees, Trade Skills, and in-game achievements. These features are used for other customization options, such as specializations or specific combat abilities. If players want more power, they can Buy New World Coins at IGGM to get everything they want. Go now!

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