The new New World update introduces a new endgame feature called Expedition Mutators, which increases the challenge of Expeditions and offers players greater rewards. If players want better performance in the new endgame, they can buy New World Coins.

Basically, Expedition Mutators modify normal and named enemies found in New World’s Expeditions, adding complexity and unpredictability to enemy encounters. They can find new bespoke gear and resources, which provide more opportunities to increase the player’s power level. Combinations of Expeditions and Mutations will rotate weekly as players battle their way up the difficulty ladder. So players better buy New World Gold to get better results.

This update also includes balance changes, increased drop rates, new gear, resources, additional Spriit Shirnes, and quality of life changes such as reducing the cost of fast travel, and more. Additionally, the update introduces Umbral Shards. This powerful resource enables players to gain items with a Gear Score of 590 to 625. And players can also prepare some New World Gold to get better items.

Fragments can be got by completing a Mutation Crusade, crafting an item with a 600 Gear Score while the player’s Expertise on the item also reaches 600, or opening Gypsum Cast to cast when the player’s Expertise on the item also reaches 600. There are also new cosmetics in the store, players can Buy New World Coins at IGGM and get more instructions there.

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