A new developer update from New World recently highlighted Amazon’s near-term plans for New World. Amazon Games’ MMORPG New World won’t be releasing any major content in February, and the team has instead focused on delivering as many bug fixes as possible. This also allows players to have a better gaming experience while buying New World Coins.

The news comes from the New World developer update video, where various people on the development team discussed everything from upcoming systems (like mutators) to various technical issues the team hopes to solve. Amazon’s most important task right now is bug fixes, so there’s nothing new in the game’s February update.

Senior producer Katy Kaszynski said February was just a bug fix month, and the February release had no major content. They have a few things they’re focusing on making sure they get a ton of fixes, and it’s going to be a long time before they bring actual change to players who’ve been looking for things. If players want to have more fun in the game, then there may be a role to buy New World Gold.

It has brought New World down multiple times because of various bugs, including multiple gold and item duplication exploits that caused Amazon to disable the game’s entire economy temporarily. While it resolved quickly most issues after they were discovered, many remained a priority for the team. Besides fixing various buggy quests, missing components, and other issues, the team is also looking to improve server out-of-sync issues and make weapon swaps more reliable.

Part of fixing many of the game’s technical issues means giving players more time to test potential bug fixes and new features in the game’s public beta areas, which gives the team more time to react to player feedback. For some players who want to have more fun in the game, they can Buy New World Coins at IGGM, go!

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