The New World January Developer Update is back, and the developers are once again in front of the camera. It turns out that the community really likes these development posts, so Amazon Games will continue to work on this feature and give people an enormous metric about what’s in the game. Because there are still various bugs and imbalances in the game, they are working hard to improve it.

In the most recent New World January 2022 developer update, Amazon Games talked about what’s coming in February, which seems like a promise of bug fixes for now. Although some bugs in the game may not give players a very good gaming experience, they can also New World Coins Buy to enhance their gaming experience.

There are a lot of bugs left in the game. There are still odd gold dupe and character creation issues. Amazon Games wants to make sure the game is more stable than ever so that the game will remain stable in the coming months. While bug fixes are the focus for next month, there will still be changes to weapon balance.

Weapons like the Void Gauntlet make healers great, IG and VG users dominate the PvP environment, and the amount of CC in the kit is incredible. Dex users are enjoying multiple immune windows, dashes and weapon skills. While they didn’t say what weapon balance changes they’ll be making in February, it’s likely to affect those areas. So players can Buy New World Coins at IGGM to get some powerful weapons to better explore the game.

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