Players in all regions currently cannot create new characters, and the New World team has provided no information on why this is happening, but promised they would get more information when they could share. That it is present in all regions of the globe suggests something more important. The community has been speculating why this is happening, and some believe it could be a step in the fight against exploitation, especially for bot attacks, which isn’t a bad guess.

The New World team’s reward system for new accounts equalizes rewards, and while players can buy Cheap New World Coins on the site, more New Worlds and items are rewarded later in the main questline. They then disabled server transfers for the new role, stopping the free transfer tokens they offered to help those who were initially under pressure from server demand and later severely imbalanced servers. They also limit the number of roles an account can create per day.

Many players worry about the number of bots they see and report in-game, and that has been the case for a while. While the team has worked hard to fix various bugs and close exploitable ones and lead to gold dupe exploits affecting other aspects of the game, docking issues and RMT spam are still present to some extent. Recently, the team temporarily disabled server transfers without providing a reason for the initial announcement.

They are enabled again after a few days. They then disabled player-to-player trading for a potential gold dupe bug, which is actually a unique problem entirely. With no word on the decision that led to the team’s decision to disable character creation, nor any sign of how long it will last, all anyone can do is guess and wait for an official announcement from the New World team. But for those players who are still new to New World, they can Buy New World Coins at IGGM to make themselves even better.

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