Winter Convergence is a special event launched by New World. It brings players new items, new gift emotes, Winter Tokens earned from special events that can be exchanged for special Winter Convergence items, and new villages designed to distribute new quests. So many players will buy New World Gold to perform well at the event. A New World fan shows off a collection of Winter Convergence furniture in their newly renovated house and shares some tips for getting everything.

Amazon Game Studios’ New World has gone through several phases since its release, with the first few weeks being the pinnacle of the experience for many players, and the following weeks being the game’s flop. The rise and fall of New World has always been a bizarre phenomenon, and the game’s major problem is a lack of communication for bugs and the general direction of the MMO.

Still, the December patch and the Winter Convergence event have once again brought many New World players online to enjoy all the new things in Aeternum. Because the event was so popular, it originally ended on January 11th, but it has now been extended to January 25th. So players who love this event can buy New World Coins to take advantage of the extra time to get everything they want.

There are still issues with the game, such as recent rumors about Amazon wanting to increase the Gear Score cap without actually introducing new core activities and loot to incentivize. New World players have come up with some valid solutions, and Amazon seems willing to listen to future developments. New World players have asked Gleamite meteors to stay after the Winter Convergence event, albeit in a new form, perhaps making the minerals they produce Starmetal instead. But they need to prepare enough New World Gold to help them develop quickly.

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