Although Fast Traveling helps a lot when performing certain quests, sometimes the 1-2 km walk is very worthwhile. When you are performing some ordinary quests, you can hunt, gather and train at the same time by walking. Only when you need to reach far places or need to quickly pass through certain areas, it is very good to use Fast Traveling.

If you want to move around on the map, in addition to the Fast Traveling method that costs Azoth, there are other useful tools that can help you. For example: Camps and Inns. Registering for Inn is very easy. In the case that your Inn Recall does New World Coins not enter the cooldown, you can respawn from the registered Inn after you die. Otherwise, In Recall is the only way to travel quickly regardless of your location.

You may enter very far away places because of the quest and there may not be a fast travel area nearby. At this time, Camps will play its great role. On top of dying to enemies, you can also use the rebirth option in the menu to move to the camp you designated as rebirth. Not only is it very useful in many Main Story Quests, but also when you are RPG New World Coins doing multiple Faction quests or side quests at the same time, using it will be very effective for you to quickly reach the quest area. Because being able to enter those places faster and easier will greatly improve your gaming experience.

As the main currency in the game, New World Coins is very important to every player. Generally speaking, players can only get a reward of dozens of gold coins in most of the tasks at the beginning of the game, so earning gold coins in the game is not It's that simple. NewWorldCoins is committed to solving the problem of resource shortage faced by players. They provide players with safe and legal third-party services. Players can enjoy more convenience brought by New World Coins without spending too much time and money.

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