As we all know, Defensive Tactics refers to the state of your team when your opponent has the ball. It can help your team prevent opponents from scoring, and it can also allow your team to try to regain possession of the ball.

In Defensive Tactics, there is a set of Custom Tactics of their own and you need to understand their respective methods of use.

Balanced: Your team will use a neutral shape that will not let you fall too deep or really oppress the opponent.

Press on Heavy Touch: When you predict when your opponent makes a mistake, you can quickly shut them down and win the ball back again by taking advantage of the mistake.

Press After Possession Loss: Within seven seconds after you lose the ball, your team will quickly put pressure on the opponent and try to regain possession of the ball. This is a very powerful Defensive Style, but as a price, once you use it, you will consume a lot of stamina.

Constant Pressure: After you lose possession of FUT 22 Coins the ball, your players will frantically try to regain possession of the ball. This is very similar to the pressure after losing possession. But it will also consume a lot of stamina, so it is recommended that you use it when you are chasing the game.

Drop Back: Let your team fall into a low position, in order to avoid letting the opponent pass the ball behind you, give the ball to your opponent.

Width: Refers to how tightly or scattered your players are when they lose possession of the ball. Because FIFA 22 has a strong crossover function, it is better to stay neutral.

Depth: Refers to the position of your players on the court when they lose possession of the ball. Because in FIFA 22 players will track the way they run, and at the same time adjust your back line according to the opponent's actions, it is FUT Coins a better choice to reduce the modification and stay neutral.

The above is an introduction to Custom Tactics that lists Defensive Tactics. If you want to use them well, you need to understand their functions. Although a good Custom Tactics policy can guide the direction of the game, it needs to be achieved on the basis of having good players. A good player may need to spend tens of thousands of FIFA 22 Coins, if you lack FIFA 22 Coins to draw player cards. Then UTnice can help you. FIFA 22 Coins is being promoted there. If you buy there, you will get a lot of discounts.

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